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Fish it your way!  

Say hello to our segmented friend. The CentSpeed Worm was developed to give anglers a multifunctional speed worm that could be fished using multiple hook sizes.  Use the 7.5" presentationon on a Texas or Carolina rig, when your hunting the Hawgs. Simply cut away a few cubes and the CentaSpeed is ready for what ever comes it way. You can take it a step further and chop em down to a bite size use for jigs or ned rigs.  The segmented body allows for more erratic movement which creates a more natural presentalion and help triggers more strikes.


We use a more duralble plastic when making the CentaSpeed Worm, therefore it will last longer than the average speed worm and take more of a beating on the water. 

CentaSpeed Worm 7.5" (6 Pk.)

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