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If your looking for an all around speed worm that add to your arsenal, look no further. Our 5 1.2" STIK SPEED Worm will get the job done. Whether you are pitching the bank lines, tossing into the pads or punching through thick cover, the bass are gonna love this worm. Its medium profile and action packed tail will make it a sure target on the fall, during the retrieve as well as while it's  resting on the surface. Texas rigged or drop shot, weighted or weightless, we've got you covered. 


Why STIK SPEED you ask? That's simple! If you lose the tail, you now have a perfectly functioning Stik Bait. So the bass are getting a two for one deal. And you can't beat that.

Stik Speed Worm 5 1/2" (8 pk.)

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